Conclusion: 27 proofs of “The First Church”

Of the 27 points given by S.E. Anderson, only two (2) of them are truly valid points with which we can expressly state that the New Testament church was in existence prior to Pentecost.  However, it is not necessary to have reams of proof to prove something.  Rather, all that is necessary is one irrefutable proof and whatsoever we are trying to prove is indeed proved.  The giving of all kinds of extraneous suppositions and evidence that does not prove the point in contention actually gives considerable latitude to those who oppose proper doctrine.  It is not necessary to open up one’s argument to attack by giving material that really doesn’t uniquely prove the point.  Why bother with discussing material that is not immediately relevant to the issue at hand, particularly since the possibility of making an erroneous statement multiplies with each non-essential point.

Now, do the two valid points prove that the New Testament church existed and functioned prior to Pentecost?

Yes they do!

They just don’t prove what S. E. Anderson was really after — proving that the New Testament church existed from the beginning of Christ’s earthly ministry.