VI. Of Righteousness and Iniquity

Article 6. Due to a greater understanding of the condition of righteousness and iniquity, and with the desire to make clear the understanding, this article regarding righteousness and iniquity is added to the Statement of Faith. May you be blessed and grow thereby.


Statement of Faith

The main page and directory of my personal statement of faith. It contains 28 points of doctrine, and is set forth to both respond to adversaries, and comfort the brethren.


XIII. Of Justification

A declaration of the truth of justification in Christ Jesus as I know it to be in Scripture. This article reflects my understanding of what it means to be justified by the shed blood of Christ and how we are to be, through Christ’s work, accepted of the Father.


XIV. Of the Virgin Birth of Christ

Article 12. This answers those who question how it is that I believe that the Scripture supports that the Lord Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, and is thus fully God and fully man.


XVII. Of The Payment for Sin

This significantly revised statement more fully and accurately describes what the Scripture states in more specific terms, concerning the provision of atonement, or payment for man’s sin, by the Lord Jesus Christ.

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