Hymns and Music

What are the hymns for? Are they simply to make us feel better, or do they perform a much more important function? It is interesting that the vast majority of Christians think that the hymns are solely there to lift us up during “worship” services, and do not realize that the hymns are for teaching doctrines and glorifying the LORD God.


Come, Let Us Sing the Song of Songs

There is coming a day in which all Heaven will glorify the Lamb of God. In that day we will sing the Song of songs. We will call to remembrance the great work of the Word, in the office of the Son of God, and glorify Him for unsealing the Book of Life.


A Sequence of Events

This sequence of events is not set at a specific time in the future, just that the events will occur in sequence beginning at some point in the future. Neither is the chart done to scale. Having it to scale would not benefit our understanding one iota. What is profitable is knowing what events, in what order, and why they are ordered that way.

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