VII. Of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

The knowledge of good and evil is an attribute that man should never have gotten. Because Adam was limited in his knowledge and understanding, he could not meet the requirements necessary to properly utilize this attribute. Therefore, when he gained the attribute, he immediately made wrong decisions about what was appropriate for the environment he was in.


Leaving the Amish

The follow-up documentary also highlights the dangers of learning that you are involved in a system that teaches and promotes a lie, and upon leaving that system, having no one to actually teach you the whole counsel of God and explain the Scripture to you. It is frequently the case that individuals who leave such systems, end up being snared by other belief systems that are also wrong, just in a different way. Though there is a church in that community which ministers to those leaving the Amish doctrine, it also has errors which lead astray those involved in it.



This audio lesson is the precursor to the lessons on speaking in tongues. It (hopefully) lays the groundwork for understanding that the practice of speaking in tongues does not, and cannot impart a better understanding of the Person, will and work of the LORD God. Plainly, by the Scripture, the LORD God would much rather have His people to possess knowledge and understanding than silver, gold, or any other physical thing.


Keeping the Feasts?

In Hebrews we are given to understand much concerning the ‘whys and wherefores’ of salvation and the necessity of it being accomplished in the manner it was. In so doing, the matter of the Old Testament covenant is addressed as well. Beginning in chapter 9, the explanation of the Old Testament rituals and ordinances begins:


Distorting the Word

Tampering with the word of God does great harm and hinders the acceptance of the Scripture by the people to whom the Scripture is sent. Germany never has had a right Bible, and neither have the Spanish speaking people. The primary reason for this is the hearts of the people. The LORD God responds directly to the hearts of individuals, and when the predominance of individuals in a culture will not receive the things of God, the LORD responds accordingly.

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