Quranic Conundrums

You cannot, on the one hand state that your god did not beget anything, and yet on the other say he created anything and everything. Quite plainly, the word “beget” and all its forms and derivatives encompass the act of creating. This much is inescapable, even in Arabic.


Proving the Point

If Islam is truly a religion of peace, then in its most dedicated followers there will be no desire for reprisal when someone ignorantly portrays it as violent and Muhammad as a deceitful thug. Rather, there should be a shaking of the head and a desire to patiently instruct where that individual has gone wrong.



Now precisely what did the young girl do wrong? We can ask lots of questions as to why the LORD allowed this. But perhaps we would be better served asking the question as to why such a religious system is allowed to continue unchecked and unhindered?


Caving to Evil

Today (1/11/2008) Arutz Sheva, Israel National News reported on an incident in Duisburg, Germany. The report was partially pulled from The Muqata blog, an Israeli blog that is tracking minute by minute (as circumstances warrant) event in the War in Gaza. One of the readers of the blog sent the following description of events in Duisburg:

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