Communist Goals and Christians

While it is true that all societies decline over time, the rate at which they decline can be greatly affected by the individuals in that society. Thus, the responsibility for societal decline and subsequent destruction under tyranny rests with each and every individual in society. In short, we will all be, and are all responsible for the coming tyranny in the United States of America.


A Wrong Heart – A Second Look

It is apparent that a second look into the whole motivation behind the UCC is warranted as Pastor Wright’s comments, and President John Thomas’ defense of them brings to light very troubling issues in the United Churches of Christ as a denomination. What is telling about the focus of Wright’s comments is that they were not condemning of America because it has turned its back on the LORD God, and forsaken the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Rather, he condemned America for waging war against those in this world that the majority of Americans see as evil.


Giving Occasion to the Enemies of God – Pt. 6

In the last five posts addressing this subject, we have dealt with the heart and mind of the LORD God toward the lost, and how Steven L. Anderson departed from that in his sermon of August 16th, 2009, in which he loudly and strongly proclaimed that he was praying for the LORD to slay Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, and send him to Hell for his advocacy and support of abortion, among other egregious things.

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