The Denominations

Three things must be true concerning the beginning of the church in order for it to be a scriptural church.

It must have the right Founder — Jesus Christ (Mt. 16:18);
The right place — Palestine (where Christ lived);
And the right time — during Christ’s personal ministry.

Any church that does not meet these three requirements cannot be the church that the Lord built.


Playing a Game – Part 3

If we compare the thought pattern of Jonathan Edwards (and John Piper, for he agrees fully with Edwards) to that of Joseph Smith, the author of the Book of Mormon, we can plainly see that both men believe that it is not possible for knowledge of righteousness and holiness to exist and be understood, (and even going so far as stating righteousness and holiness cannot exist) without the existence of evil and wickedness.



Let it be definitely remembered that when Constantine made his call for the council, there were very many of the Christians (Baptists) and of the churches, which declined to respond. They wanted no marriage with the state, and no centralized religious government, and no higher ecclesiastical government of any kind, than the individual church.


Ignoring the Obvious

In fact, words have been, and are responsible for the deaths of more individuals that all the guns and knives put together. After all, words commanded that the gas be turned on in the chambers at the camps. Words brought about the mass starvation of Ukrainians by the Soviets in the 1920’s. Words inflamed the Hutus to murder their fellow countrymen, the Tutsis in Ruanda in 1994. Pol Pot used words to great effectiveness in Cambodia, commanding the murder of over a million of his own countrymen. And I could go on and on and on . . .

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