A Sign of the Times

A brief examination of the hypocrisy displayed by Raphael Warnock, a “progressive” Baptist pastor. He is running for the position US Senator in the state of Georgia.


Answer 2: 27 proofs of “The First Church”

Since the only implication of Point 2 can be that no one was converted prior to the Lord Jesus Christ beginning His earthly ministry, he calls into question the doctrine he holds concerning salvation prior to Christ’s earthly ministry.


Answer 1: 27 proofs of “The First Church”

In any case, it should now be plain that the very first point is no proof at all of the existence of a New Testament church, whether we take it in conjunction with Christ’s earthly ministry, or not. In fact, plainly, to declare that this is a proof of the existence of the New Testament church is to contradict the very doctrine S. E. Anderson says he wants to prove, as it makes every believer in the Old Testament a member of a New Testament church.


S. E. Anderson’s “The First Church” – 27 Proofs

Now, S. E. Anderson began the Preface to his book on the New Testament church with 27 points that he determined were proof of the church’s existence while the Lord Jesus Christ was teaching, preaching and healing prior to the Lord’s Supper.


Emotional Appeal and Preaching the Gospel

In the final analysis, what is really going on here borders on rank heresy. Why? Because those individuals involved in and promoting such means and methods have set aside the plain word of God in favor of their own way. Now, I know there are those who claim that these methods are simply a different form of presenting the word of God. However, that is manifestly untrue, since plays, music and movies present actions and emotion more than words.

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