Historically, a Statement of Faith is the declaration of what a church or an individual believes concerning the major doctrines of the Scripture. Statements of Faith have been used primarily to declare one’s adherence to Scripture, in answer to both adversaries and the brethren. As such, Statements of Faith have been used as a means of responding the accuser and extending the hand of fellowship to brethren in declaring like faith and order. In these things, this Statement of Faith is no different.

To the end of achieving that dual purpose, the following is the synopses of what I believe concerning certain major scriptural doctrines. Currently this Statement of Faith contains 28 points of doctrine that are deemed to be the most crucial to declaring what I believe and determining adherence to Scripture. This Statement of Faith was borne out of the Statement of Faith of the first proper New Testament church that I was a member of, but was extensively rewritten and reorganized to increase the Scriptural support for the statements and to provide a basis for teaching a systematic approach the doctrines.

I strongly encourage every born-again child of God to set forth their own Statement of Faith from the Scriptures. Even if you simply put the synopses in your own words, and search out and study each and every one of the verses and passages used to support the tenets of doctrine, you will find that it is an excellent way to grow in the knowledge of the LORD God and His word.

In Christ,

Paul W. Davis


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