According to modern American Christians, plain preaching of the word of God is wasted effort, and utterly ineffective  for reaching people and bringing them to Christ. Rather, what they believe is necessary for reaching the lost and even helping Christians grow in Christ, is quoted below:

“Drastically reduced! This 12 DVD set formerly sold for over $200. Now, the WND Superstore is making this extraordinary set available for only $49.95! Hurry, supplies are limited!

Product Description
Ten years in the making, “The WatchWORD Bible – New Testament” is a remarkable breakthrough – 26 hours of content, much of it shot on location. Each of the 27 books of the New Testament is brought to you word-for-word through a dynamic combination of video, text, narration, music and sound effects.

For the broadcast reach, it uses the Contemporary English Version, a clear introductory translation. “The WatchWORD Bible” is compelling to watch and amazingly easy to understand. Its uses are almost endless: for kids, young adults, seniors, families, the disabled, churches, schools, bible studies, read programs and English as a second language. “The WatchWORD Bible – New Testament” is an essential addition to every library. Individual books or the entire series now available on DVD. Instant search by chapter on DVD. “The WatchWORD Bible” – It’s the Word of God!”1

I beg to differ. According to my Bible, the things promoted as helps in the above advertisement are actually hindrances bringing individuals to Christ. Moreover, they are done in the wisdom of man, and not the wisdom of the LORD. The following lesson addresses this issue. May you find it profitable.


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The Foolishness of Preaching

In Christ,

Paul W. Davis

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