Over 90% of the trees were damaged, and at least 50% of them will require downing as they are totally ruined and will not recover. Quite a number of them were uprooted from the weight of the ice. There were many telephone lines, cable lines and electric lines down last Wednesday morning, and the scene was ghastly to look at in the early morning light.


Off Break

It wasn’t really intentional that I took a break. Rather, due to a friend’s court hearing and preparatory work for that hearing, and then playing catch-up from it, meant that I had no time to write a post worth reading.


Back to Posting

Unfortunately, the last several days have been consumed with assisting with a Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court. I say that it is unfortunate, because it should not be required to put forth to the highest court in


Missions Conference

My home church, Faith Baptist Church of Spokane, Missouri, is holding its annual Missions Conference the 22nd through the 26th of October (Wed. through Sun.). Services will be held every evening, with dinner and an afternoon service on Sunday. Each


A Brief Note

I will return to addressing Freemasonry very soon. I have had a couple of things come up that needed to be addressed, and I have had to play catch-up on some other things. At least I don’t have to work



I don’t usually write evaluations about software that I use, but I am going to make an exception as this piece of software is, well, unusual in the way it was done. Last week, Google released the Beta version of

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