The Scriptural Case Against Abortion

The issue of abortion is not argued effectively by those who hold fundamental religious Christian beliefs because they do not understand the doctrines well enough to know exactly what is wrong with abortion from the perspective of the LORD God, other than to say that they are certain that “God” is against it – all the while pointing out a few verses of Scripture, but never explaining the “why” of it.
This book addresses the “why” of the LORD’s case against the killing of children in the womb.


An Open Letter to Matthew Vines

An open letter to Matthew Vines regarding his contention that one can be “gay” and a “Christian” and being “gay” is not sin. This answers his contention with Scripture, demonstrating that he willfully ignored important and pertinent teaching from Scripture to “prove” his point.


The Suffering in Hell

An explanation of the suffering those who choose not to rely on the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation, will experience in eternity.


The Most Important Thing

What should we tell someone if we have limited time available to us? What is the most significant thing that someone could learn from the Scripture if they have time for only one thing to learn and understand?


XIX. Of the New Birth

This addresses the issue of the new birth in Christ Jesus of the believer. It is rewritten to correct the deficiencies of the earlier statement which did not properly address the central tenet of eternal salvation in Christ.


XVIII. Of Grace

This article clarifies an important doctrine in salvation which has been hijacked by the Calvinists and ignored by the Arminists. To this point, this doctrine was virtually off-limits to true Baptists for fear of being labeled as Calvinist. This addresses the truth about the Election of Grace, which is far apart from the lie of Augustine of Hippo and John Calvin. May you be blessed and increase in the knowledge of truth of the salvation which is in Christ by this article.

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