XVII. Of The Payment for Sin

This significantly revised statement more fully and accurately describes what the Scripture states in more specific terms, concerning the provision of atonement, or payment for man’s sin, by the Lord Jesus Christ.


XVIII. Of Grace

This article clarifies an important doctrine in salvation which has been hijacked by the Calvinists and ignored by the Arminists. To this point, this doctrine was virtually off-limits to true Baptists for fear of being labeled as Calvinist. This addresses the truth about the Election of Grace, which is far apart from the lie of Augustine of Hippo and John Calvin. May you be blessed and increase in the knowledge of truth of the salvation which is in Christ by this article.


XIX. Of the New Birth

This addresses the issue of the new birth in Christ Jesus of the believer. It is rewritten to correct the deficiencies of the earlier statement which did not properly address the central tenet of eternal salvation in Christ.

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