The embedded MP3 file was presented in Ebenezer Baptist Mission’s Sunday morning services during Bible Study on June 7th. I pray you find it edifying and a cause for reflection on how we conduct ourselves as members of a New Testament church. If you are born-again in Christ, and not a member of a New Testament church, I pray it gives you a better understanding as to how a New Testament church works. After all, it is the will of the Lord Jesus Christ that you enter into covenant with Him for life-long service — which is found only within the local, visible, New Testament church.

The lesson addresses a very thorny issue in every New Testament church — that of opposition within the church. My prayer is that fundamental, unaffiliated Baptists begin to take a more balanced and Scriptural approach in dealing with this single issue. In so doing, our churches will be stronger in the LORD and more solidly grounded in understanding the “whys and wherefores” of such things. The end that is desired is a New Testament church that never fails to follow its Head — the Lord Jesus Christ.

This lesson is now located on the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Messages and Lessons page, or by following the link below:

The Functioning of the Body: The New Testament Church – Pt. 1

In Christ,

Paul W. Davis

The Functioning of the Body: The NT Church – Pt. 1
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