Ahhh, Internet Explorer 6. The web browser that is not a browser.

After having worked on the design of this blog, and getting it correct in IE6, I (wrongfully) assumed that the alignment and fit of the content and sidebar would stay correct. I finished working the last few things and checked it with Firefox and let it go.


I checked it in IE6 and somehow, the sidebar was shoved too far left and floating below the content, despite being instructed to float right.


The problem is that IE6 contains a quirk (one of IE6’s many bugs) that doubles the margins and padding if both left and right margins/padding are set. So, what should have been 15 pixels on the right side, was now 30 pixels spacing.

Nice. I really appreciate the folks at Microsoft for this bug that should have been caught in testing, or should have had a bug fix issued on it when it was brought to their attention.

Amazing. Microsoft wants to dominate the Internet, and can’t program a piece of software that renders a page correctly, and won’t issue a fix, and won’t retract the bad program. No, their solution is to issue IE7 (which also has page rendering problems) and complain that everyone else is not right.

Typical spoiled brat behavior.

Anyway, I fixed the problem, and now it actually does look good in IE6.

IE 6 Quirks
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One thought on “IE 6 Quirks

  • 07 Dec 2008 at 14:36

    It still looks “modern.” But it may take some time to adjust to it all. Congrats.

    Bro. Chris

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