I will return to addressing Freemasonry very soon. I have had a couple of things come up that needed to be addressed, and I have had to play catch-up on some other things. At least I don’t have to work on an older Ford Escort anymore. That car is finally gone (in operable condition), and the young lady has a new car that is under warranty. Thus I get a break from working on her vehicle (and I’m owed a LOT of coffee).

However, interspersed with the Freemasonry articles will be other issues that I am very much moved to address. One of the things I desire to do is complete a work on the New Testament Church. Hardly anyone gets it right. The reason for that, is the fact that they generally go about quoting someone else to prove their assertion, instead of sticking strictly to the Scripture. This work will be (as usual) totally dependent upon what the Scripture states.

Oh, I am going to change the theme of the blog to more closely match the website. The header graphic will remain, but the new theme will be two column, elastic, and in the colors of the website. I know exactly what I want, I just have to get it coded. Until then . . .

A Brief Note
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