I suppose it was the occasion of Easter that prompted Joe Kovacs of WorldNetDaily to author an article on the issue of Sabbath vs. Sunday. After all, I don’t really know, but it is odd that this particular subject came up in the week before Easter (posted Mar. 16th). Nevertheless, as a subject and an issue of controversy, what I really find odd is that everyone who holds to Sabbath-keeping, also holds Arminian doctrine. Arminism is the denial of the doctrine of eternal security of the believer; which is to say that salvation, once obtained, can be lost.

Aside from the relation to Arminism, what I found striking about the article (I skimmed it, noting the names mentioned and looking for Scripture references and how they were used) was the total lack of a conclusion. Mr. Kovacs did not come down on one side or the other of the issue. I suppose he was trying to not lose readers, or bridge a gap (ecumenism) or something of that nature. However, I also noted that he also did not allow any particular view to go into any great depth to conclusively prove one way or the other. Lovely.

What I find disturbing about the article is the ammunition it gives atheists to point to the Bible and say: ‘See, it really is contradictory. Even the Christians can’t decide among themselves what the Bible says!’ as if they don’t already have enough ammunition on this point alone.

Nevertheless, the issue is answerable from the Scriptures, if we stick with what the totality of the Scriptures state. I know this as I have researched – well, you know – the Bible. No, I did not go into the history of the Sunday tradition, or the writings of the “Church Fathers” (whoever they are), or the Pope. Instead, I just used the Bible and then wrote an article on it titled “Shall we keep the sabbath?”.

Evaluate it, see what you think. But first a couple of brief rules: Use the Bible, and only the Bible when you evaluate it. Keep your Scripture in context and follow the logic that the LORD God lays down about following the law and how man is justified before God.

I thank God that the Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath.

The Sabbath and Sunday
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