Well, this month has flown by. Due to teaching and other ministry items I have had no time to update this blog, make comments on events, or add articles to the website. I was able to build a website for an independent Baptist Aviation ministry. The site is for Faith Baptist Church of Harrison and the Aviation ministry run by Bro. James Watt. The website is Faith Baptist Aviation Ministry.

Bro. Watt is also the missionary I am working with to establish a fundamental, unaffiliated, Baptist church in Washington County, Arkansas. Temporarily, Ebenezer Baptist Mission is located in the 402 Building on S. Thompson in Springdale.

Perhaps next month will be more amenable to writing and posting. But first, I have to recover enough to be able to type with both hands. I am recovering from the second surgery on my arms in 4 months. In August the doctor operated on the left elbow. On the 21st of Dec. he operated on the right elbow and wrist. It should be about 2-3 more weeks and I will be typing with both hands again.

A busy month
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