The Accuser of the Brethren

However, a study of who the Devil is and how he operates is not supposed to give us a defense, but rather is to give us an understanding of events as to how and why they occur, so that we might be stronger in faith, greater in discernment, and better able to know what we ought to do in a given situation. After all, the Scripture does provide considerable information about who the Devil is, what he does, and how he chooses to do it.


Communist Goals and Christians

While it is true that all societies decline over time, the rate at which they decline can be greatly affected by the individuals in that society. Thus, the responsibility for societal decline and subsequent destruction under tyranny rests with each and every individual in society. In short, we will all be, and are all responsible for the coming tyranny in the United States of America.


How Trite Can We Be?

How serious is the issue of your destiny after you die? Is it more serious than the condition of the brakes on an automobile? After all, eternity is a very long time. I say that as it does not quite impinge upon people that eternity is forever, it is unending and ceases not to be.

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