The End of the LORD God’s Patience

A brief examination of the patience of the LORD God with respect to man. This article focuses on the fact that certain men went beyond the limits of that patience. We must be aware that it is possible for us to go beyond the limit set by the LORD.


An Open Letter to Matthew Vines

An open letter to Matthew Vines regarding his contention that one can be “gay” and a “Christian” and being “gay” is not sin. This answers his contention with Scripture, demonstrating that he willfully ignored important and pertinent teaching from Scripture to “prove” his point.


The Everyone Test

Naturally, this would seem to violate a principle which everyone observes from their earliest age:

That every action, no matter how minor and insignificant it may appear, has at least one consequence.

However, because the consequences of some actions take much longer to be realized than others, it appears (especially to those who deliberately blind themselves) that certain actions have no real consequence. Hence, they can be engaged in with impunity.

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