The End of the LORD God’s Patience

A brief examination of the patience of the LORD God with respect to man. This article focuses on the fact that certain men went beyond the limits of that patience. We must be aware that it is possible for us to go beyond the limit set by the LORD.


The Most Important Thing

What should we tell someone if we have limited time available to us? What is the most significant thing that someone could learn from the Scripture if they have time for only one thing to learn and understand?


Sinners, Will You Scorn the Message

I am constantly amazed at the unwillingness to hear and willful blindness and incuriosity of so many regarding the Gospel and the truth of the Scripture. It is as if they want to be destroyed rather than give any time at all to a fair consideration of the word of God. The reasonable thing to do would be to actually investigate and search out honestly the truth of it. Rather, they reject it outright or feign interest and investigation, pretending to be sincere. How very sad.


XIX. Of the New Birth

This addresses the issue of the new birth in Christ Jesus of the believer. It is rewritten to correct the deficiencies of the earlier statement which did not properly address the central tenet of eternal salvation in Christ.

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