Dear Vladimir,

You see Vladimir, you are not the end all, be all, and neither is the communist doctrine you believe in. I am certain that you either know the truth, or could easily find it out concerning Karl Marx and what he really was. After all, it is no secret that he was a bum who depended upon everyone else to support him while he whined about the social and economic order of the day.


Why Economies Fail

However, I would remind anyone that on the morning of September 11th, 2001, there were a considerable number of individuals in the World Trade Center who would not live past 10:00 AM. You know, none of them knew that at 8:30 AM that morning. Instead, they had plans for lunch with friends and co-workers, dinner with the family, trades to be made, deals to be completed, etc. The vast majority of them did not even consider that the LORD God would require their souls that very morning.


In Our Own Eyes . . .

When we reject principle, and do that which seems to be right, we walk the same path that Israel walked, and we do that which is right in our own eyes. As we can see by the Scripture, doing so brought judgement and yielded death to Israel. Even though they were warned, they did not believe the warning as they determined that they had the right way to proceed, and would not be swayed or persuaded from that path.


The Actor

For instance, when one acts, what does one really do? Acting, at its core, is the taking on of the character, nature and mannerisms of another in a way that is convincing to those who observe it. Whether this is done for pay or not is irrelevant to the fact that one takes on the identity of another.

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