The Most Important Thing

What should we tell someone if we have limited time available to us? What is the most significant thing that someone could learn from the Scripture if they have time for only one thing to learn and understand?



An announcement of changes in the Statement of Faith of both Reproach of Men and Ebenezer Baptist Church. These changes are for a clearer understanding of the doctrines as set forth in the Scripture. I use Article VI, Of the Creation as the example of the changes which are implemented.


The Necessity of Faith

It seems to be lost on an increasing number of individuals that there is no substitute for faith. However, I suppose this also has never changed — that it has always been this way. Which is why we have the example of Israel as an utter failure in the Old Testament. Israel failed due to a total lack of faith on the part of a majority of it’s citizens — they could not perceive who the LORD is, and what He was doing.


Faith vs. Rationality

Herein lies the problem: Knowledge of salvation gained in this way, is not faith. Moreover, it is not an acceptable substitute for faith. Though the understanding arrived at may be the same, the means by which that understanding is arrived at is crucial. The route of one is the mind, but the route of the other is the spirit. The difference is life and death.

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