VIII. Of The Creation

This addresses the issue of creation and finishes with a focus on the creation of man and how that man is made in the similitude of God. This is consistent with the Scripture as the entire focus of Scripture is the work of the LORD God with regard to the salvation of man. Expressly, the Scripture focuses on the Lord Jesus Christ and His specific work.
This change in the statement on the creation reflects an emphasis on understanding why our salvation is the way it is. This begins the distinction between true Scriptural doctrine, and the doctrines of men which do not properly address the issues of iniquity and the transmission of the tendency to sin from one generation to the next.


Adam and the Fall — Addendum – Part 1

There is a misconception that exists concerning Adam and the righteousness he possessed with respect to the born-again child of God and the righteousness that child has imputed unto them. As was made plain earlier, Adam was righteous, but only within the confines of his existence. By and large, it is not understood that Adam was righteous only in the context of his creation.


Adam and the Fall – Part 6

So then we see that death ensued that very moment Adam partook of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, became aware of the law, judged his condition, and judged that the LORD God had inadequately clothed him, and determined a course of action that revealed the condition of his heart and soul. In so doing, Adam separated himself from God and made himself strange to the LORD God, setting himself as a judge over the actions of the LORD, and finding them wanting.


Adam and the Fall – Part 5

Therefore, when the LORD God instructed Adam that he would die “in the day” he partook of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and we see that Adam’s body continued to function, living in the world, and we also see from Scripture that the spirit never ceases to be active, we can only conclude that it was the soul of Adam that died. Thus we are left with the final question:


Adam and the Fall – Part 4

Hence, looking at righteousness in this way demonstrates to us just how incapable Adam was of being righteous once he obtained the knowledge of good and evil. Moreover, it illustrates his (and our) inability to truly understand the extent of the LORD God’s righteousness, which is intrinsic to His being.

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