The following articles were written primarily for the church I attended for several years. They were formatted for the church bulletin, and were an attempt to have my brethren (including my pastor) understand the primary ways the spiritual war which we are involved in, is fought. The articles focus on our actions and the effect they have on others in influencing them either for, or against the Lord and His gospel. These articles also focus on attitudes we have and how they are a detriment to our effectiveness as a witness for the Lord.

I speak of these things from experience. You will find that many of the articles are written from a personal experience point of view and the examples are incidences that have spiritual parallels. My experience is a military experience. I was in the USAF and Arkansas ANG long before I was saved. I retired from the Arkansas Air National Guard after 9 years service. Prior to that I served as active duty Air Force for 11 years, for a total of 20 years service. I was an NCO with the rank of Staff Sergeant, and a line supervisor for years. I have been (not so much now) an avid student of history, particularly of war and its consequences. Even today, I keep tabs on events in the world, principally of events that have significance for the Lord’s church and its effectiveness in the world. In addition, I keep watch on the Lord’s judgement of the United States for forsaking Him and His commandments.

Please read these articles with an open heart and mind. They are meant to exhort all of us (including me) to do far better than we do. Our separation from the world and its wickedness are not light things to the LORD God.

Sincerely in Christ,

Paul W. Davis