Site Update

I have added a new page to the blog portion of the website in preparation for the change to a Content Management System for the website. I have been working on several themes in preparation of changing several sites and am also working on moving content from the static (HTML and XHTML) pages to a dynamic (PHP and MySQL) database driven website.


A Problem Resolved – (Or should be)

What I figured was the plugin had to be picking up the callout in the CSS file and utilizing the graphic and background color defined there. I figured this had to be the case since I have background images for the sidebar and post, and it never picks that image up. However, that image is the background for the

that wraps the content of the post page.


IE 6 Quirks

Ahhh, Internet Explorer 6. The web browser that is not a browser. After having worked on the design of this blog, and getting it correct in IE6, I (wrongfully) assumed that the alignment and fit of the content and sidebar


Blog Issues

Of late I have had some issues with the comments and how comments are handled by the blog. Out of the blue I found comments on older posts turned off, comment moderation turned on for all posts, and “login prior



Sometimes, “Default” is really the only way to really make something work. Since I use WordPress, and it is “free” all the responsibility for making sure it works correctly falls upon my shoulders. I must do all the testing, all

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