Looks Like We’re There Already

Two vital elements for coming to Christ for salvation are not even hinting at in the sign. Instead, we are told that we should “bank with Jesus” if we are to avoid “spiritual foreclosure.” Moreover, we are not told what in the world the phrases “bank with Jesus” and “spiritual foreclosure” actually mean. Rather, we are left to draw our own conclusions.


How Trite Can We Be?

How serious is the issue of your destiny after you die? Is it more serious than the condition of the brakes on an automobile? After all, eternity is a very long time. I say that as it does not quite impinge upon people that eternity is forever, it is unending and ceases not to be.


Emotional Appeal and Preaching the Gospel

In the final analysis, what is really going on here borders on rank heresy. Why? Because those individuals involved in and promoting such means and methods have set aside the plain word of God in favor of their own way. Now, I know there are those who claim that these methods are simply a different form of presenting the word of God. However, that is manifestly untrue, since plays, music and movies present actions and emotion more than words.

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