Able to Post Again

Well, I actually do live. However, between being sick for a solid week and having to take care of other matters, I have been unable to write anything. This also meant I could not post to the blog.

I have two article series to finish, and a host of other things to write about. However, life outside of the internet is far more important, especially since this blog doesn’t get that much traffic. The reason for that is people are not into reading much except short little tidbits anymore. You don’t learn much when that is the case. Moreover, understanding goes down the drain.

That’s okay. The LORD plainly stated it would be like this in the latter days — right before the Great Tribulation occurs. The only thing about that is the LORD’s ‘right before’ is not quite the same timetable as our ‘right before.’ Thus, I can see this as happening anytime from this moment to 100 years from now. However, I really don’t think we will make it another 100 years — not even close.

Anyway, I should be posting more regularly now that I am over being sick and have a better handle on the things that need to be taken care of.

Blog Upgrade

Did it Saturday evening. (No, I won’t go into what that makes me for doing it on a Saturday evening!) It was an interesting experience, particularly when I viewed the blog in the browser after finishing it, and refreshed the browser – and no posts whatsoever, no links, no calender, no categories, just the theme! Just a little disturbed, I went to login and that worked okay. Then a new screen telling me I had to upgrade the database.

Did that. It told me it was successful. That’s good. I then opened a new tab in the browser and revisited the blog. After refreshing the window, everything came back. Big sigh of relief.

Now we are running WordPress 2.3.3. Quite a few different options and upgrades from the older version that I was running.

However, this post would have been done last night, but the web host I use had a failure of the MySQL server about the same time I went to publish this post. You can just imagine my surprise when I received a white screen with the message “Cannot connect to database.” Uh, okay. That’s not what I call good. Tried to go to the blog. Not happening, same message.

I logged into my hosting account and tried to reach the MYSQL Administrator and could not go there. Called the host “We are experiencing heavy call volume at this time.” Hung up.

I’ll bet. I think I’ll go to bed.

Checked it this A.M. and the blog worked fine. Somebody (or sombodies) had a long night. However, they made sure that it came up as quick as possible. Which is why I use them (plus they’re very helpful when you call, and not rude like some folk).

A busy month

Well, this month has flown by. Due to teaching and other ministry items I have had no time to update this blog, make comments on events, or add articles to the website. I was able to build a website for an independent Baptist Aviation ministry. The site is for Faith Baptist Church of Harrison and the Aviation ministry run by Bro. James Watt. The website is Faith Baptist Aviation Ministry.

Bro. Watt is also the missionary I am working with to establish a fundamental, unaffiliated, Baptist church in Washington County, Arkansas. Temporarily, Ebenezer Baptist Mission is located in the 402 Building on S. Thompson in Springdale.

Perhaps next month will be more amenable to writing and posting. But first, I have to recover enough to be able to type with both hands. I am recovering from the second surgery on my arms in 4 months. In August the doctor operated on the left elbow. On the 21st of Dec. he operated on the right elbow and wrist. It should be about 2-3 more weeks and I will be typing with both hands again.