Righteousness as Commonly Understood is in Error

The flawed logic and thinking of many concerning righteousness does not stand the test of two verses of Scripture. In Isaiah 1:18 and I Thessalonians 5:21 the words “reason” and “prove” are used. The circular logic of the commonly held definitions of righteousness cannot stand in the face of those two words. Circular reasoning attempts to prove itself, by itself, in itself. This is not proof and it is not reason.
Hence, this section sets the stage for an different analysis of the Scripture that will lead to a correct understanding of righteousness.


The Scriptural Case Against Abortion

The issue of abortion is not argued effectively by those who hold fundamental religious Christian beliefs because they do not understand the doctrines well enough to know exactly what is wrong with abortion from the perspective of the LORD God, other than to say that they are certain that “God” is against it – all the while pointing out a few verses of Scripture, but never explaining the “why” of it.
This book addresses the “why” of the LORD’s case against the killing of children in the womb.

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