English Translations of the Bible by Underlying Text Type

Last Updated: 20 April, 2006

Note: There are so many different Bibles out today that it is difficult to list them all. As I obtain more information, I will update the list and categories. Please be patient. If a more extensive list is required immediately, there are other web sites that deal with this issue exclusively.

I would advise anyone to be very careful about using material provided by others. Like everything else out there involving the word of God, people don’t seem to mind lying about it. Somehow they seem to think they will get away with it. The only solution for this is to do your own research and test and try the information. If someone lies about one thing, be assured they will lie about something else. When they lie about the Scripture, avoid them at all costs. Please remember, the Scripture is express: Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. (I Thessalonians 5:21)

In Christ,

Paul W. Davis




Masoretic Hebrew Old Testament/Greek Received Text New Testament

This text is the text type of the churches that were never under the Roman Catholic Church. It is notable that the French Olivetian, Luther’s German translation, the Waldensian Bibles, and the old Latin Vulgate (pre-Jerome) were all of this text type.

  • 1526 Tyndale’s New Testament
  • 1535 Coverdale Bible
  • 1537 The Matthew Bible
  • 1539 The Great Bible
  • 1560 Geneva Bible
  • 1568-69 Bishops’ Bible
  • 1611 King James Version
  • 1833 Daniel Webster Bible

Jerome’s Latin Vulgate (Latin Old Testament and New Testament)

This is the text that Jerome developed for the early Catholic Church. This text stands in contrast to the Alexanderian texts which the early Catholic Church rejected. This text, although corrupt, is more accurate than the Alexandrian texts.

  • 1380-84 First Wyclif Bible
  • 1390’s Second Wyclif Bible
  • 1582-1610 Douay-Rheims, or Rheims-Douay Version

Hebrew Old Testament/Greek Alexandrian Text New Testament

This text type began at the Catechical School at Alexandria, Egypt. This school is the school of Philo and Origen that wedded Biblical principles and Platonic philosophy.

  • 1855 English Standard Bible
  • 1901 American Standard Bible
  • 1946(NT) -1953(OT) Revised Standard Bible
  • 1973(NT) -1978(OT) New International Version
  • 1958 New Testament in Modern English (J.B. Phillips)
  • 1967(NT) -1971(OT) The Living Bible
  • 1967(NT) -1971(OT) New American Standard Bible
  • 1976 Good News Bible
  • New American Bible
  • 1966 Today’s English Version (Good News for Modern Man)
  • The Message
  • 1961 New English Version
  • 1990 New Revised Standard Version

Compilation Hebrew Old Testament (Majority Text)/Compilation Greek New Testament (Majority Text)

  • 1979(NT) -1982(OT) New King James Version