I have added a new page to the blog portion of the website in preparation for the change to a Content Management System for the website. I have been working on several themes in preparation of changing several sites and am also working on moving content from the static (HTML and XHTML) pages to a dynamic (PHP and MySQL) database driven website. This will ultimately allow me to focus more time on content, and less on coding and markup of the pages. One of the first benefits of this can be seen on the new Audio – Lessons and Preaching page. The page has the traditional hypertext links to the MP3 files, PLUS it has an embedded media player that you can simply click on and it will automatically begin playing the file.

I will still maintain the old static pages and copy content to those pages for the older browsers. But, I will not “dress them up” and spend incredible amounts of time on them. That stated, enjoy the new page – there are several lessons and messages there already.

Audio – Lessons and Preaching

In Christ,

Paul W. Davis

Site Update
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